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My Jeep grand 4.7 OH, overland gives error messages P0700 and P0325. She crank and starts but after driving say 10km no crank no start again until after a while say +-2 hours.
Battery is new, terminals free of residues. Oh another error message which keeps on coming and going is memory seat disabled not on park while it is indeed on park. Please help Thanks you guys.

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Next time you better post your question in the WJ section, so that more WJ guys see it and can respond. Probably a moderator will move it to there.
Regarding your question, did you try to start by putting the shift lever a bit aft of Park or in N? This is or a misrigged shift cable, or a problem with the Park/Neutral switch. If it starts normal with the shift lever a bit aft of park or in neutral, its a matter of rigging the cable. When the rigging is ok, the problem is the park/neutral switch on the TRS/solenoid pack inside the tranny.
The memory seat disable also tells you that the system doesn´t see it to be in park. So see above.
Code p0700 tells you that there is a fault code set in the TCM (transmission control module). It needs to be scanned to know which failre there is (was). Does it shift normal?
Code p0325 is a fault with the bank 1 knock sensor.
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