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`15 High Altitude 5.7
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Installation instructions for a 05184NOS on a 5.7 Hemi WK2.

  1. Make sure to use paste and not tape as tape may break off and enter the air path.
    Hood Electrical wiring Material property Cable Automotive tire

  2. I found that it was easier to attach all lines before screwing the plate onto the solenoids.
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  3. Make sure to add red thread locker to the bolts holding the solenoids onto the plate. The last thing you want is the screws jiggling off and dropping into the engine compartment:
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  4. Attach the plate to the intake with the order screws. This will make sure it fits correctly and allow you to clamp it down to install the throttle body.

    Plate sitting off of the intake before being torqued down with the old screws.
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    Plate tightened to the intake:
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  5. Clamp the plate down to hold it in place while you attach the throttle body and new longer screws.

  6. I had no idea how to tie into the fuel line, this video makes in really simple.

  7. Disconnect the power to the vehicle:
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  8. Install the power to the relay into the main power to the fuse block:
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  9. Tap into the throttle body (brown wire with orange line). I cut the wire jacket back a bit and closed it back up with electrical tape once completed:
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    Complete install showing wires from NOS controller (white with red line and white with blue line) tapped into MAF wire:
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`15 High Altitude 5.7
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10. Connect to the power (blue with tan line) on coil pack #2:

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Finished install attached to the green wire from the NOS controller module:
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11. Mid-install photo with all of the wires exposed :)

Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire

12. Fuel and NOS lines are tricky. The fuel line in the kit isn't long enough, I got this from SummitRacing and had them send me the 36" version so I could reach to fuel line on the right side where it enters the rail.
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