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Hold on guys, First off Special Inspections are also a random sampling that happens. Yes vehicles get caught with issues and get put over there but also these tests are a simple "Pass" or "Fail" and if it fails that means it gets fixed... if a few fail they look at the issues.

Fail Could be that it did not go up and down in the elapsed time. I was in a summit that did this a couple of times when it was first delivered to the dealer and then it went away completely, there was nothing wrong, it just needed a couple of cycles.

If it happened to me probably was an issue on a few units and may have required further testing. Because something failed does not mean it was faulty or that anything was replaced but the test parameters say it failed.

Anyway this is just a Theory from other situations I have seen. Just saying to the OP that there is a very good chance this means nothing. Inspection and testing takes a while and anything that isn't "right" means further inspection. This is how quality gets improved.... Not saying there may not have been an issue but it was taken car of before it left JNAP, so don't worry about it (Personally for mechnical stuff like that I would rather them fix it anyway, they know way more about the system than any dealer).
As the OP, I'm not concerned whatsoever. If there was a problem, they fixed it. Just thought it was good for a laugh...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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