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Anyone else getting an occasional
Check Engine light for the P0016
Crankshaft/Camshaft sensor?

So far it has gone out by itself.

It's happened twice, on a 2011,
with around 50K miles

If it goes out by itself, that means
don't worry, right?

And also, is this code still in my OBD
system? Should I have it cleared?

Also, at the autoparts store the guy
told me he was not allowed to clear a code by law.

Is this true? He made a big deal about it, and
I've always thought you should clear a code to
see if it comes right back on again.


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Never heard anything about it being illegal to clear codes but could be a state thing.

The code will remain until cleared. The system does differentiate between current codes and historical (ones that have cleared but happened in the past). If the light is out, it has moved to history.

P0016 could be a number things but for an intermittant I would check the wiring and connectors first, could just be a loose wire

ps see here. Seems to be a California/Hawaii thing.
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