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My brothers 07 cooling fan quit last week. He'd changed the thermostat then called me said it's still getting hot. Had him turn on the ac and check to see if the fan was running which he said no. had him swap the high and low relays still not. had him run a wire from battery pos to pin 87 on the high speed and low speed. Nothing. Had him replace the fan. Dorman assembly he got from advanced. 150.

Said all was fine. He lives 3 hours away. Not very technical.

Today he shoots me some pics of an oil leak. You guys know what is going on here. Not sure what I'm looking at. I don't know what to tell him other than thats aluminum, don't just tighten. I asked him to check online for others with the issue but he's not computer savvy. I did a search and found nothing.
He said antifreeze and oil same area in the pics. Oil is full and clean on the dip stick, no signs of mix. Thanks for any info.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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