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Here it is, folks - the first one to hit our lot. It's a Latitude V6 4x4 (Active Drive II) in Billet Silver with UConnect 8.4.

Go to my Facebook page to see all the photos.

Every sales staff member here took it for a test drive, and I'm happy to report that our impressions are unanimously positive and excited. We truly think this vehicle lives up to the hype and will sell very, very well.

Billet is a great color on this car, and the black moulding pieces don't look out of place at all (believe it or not, that is a concern a couple of my customers have had about the Grand Cherokee Limited). The lines are pleasing, the lights are really great and look extremely cool when lit. The entry/exit from the vehicle is easy, and my one minor complaint is that the liftgate handle is positioned very low on the vehicle, but that's not a big deal - especially if you get the power option and don't need to ever grab the handle.

The seats hug your body in a very comfortable way, and I was immediately comfortable. The two-tone (black/gray) is attractive and I really like the trim pieces that look like a black/gray streaked finish on the doors. My manager said he wished the fabric was more "plush", but that wouldn't have been in keeping with this style of vehicle in my opinion.

I have been telling people that sitting in a Cherokee was likely to be similar to sitting in a Grand, only smaller - now I think that was wrong. Certainly the interiors are similar, with very similar controls. However, the Cherokee feels more road-hugging to me because I sit lower, and being a car driver (not SUV) usually, I really liked the experience. If your needs don't warrant the size of the Grand Cherokee, or if you want a sportier feel, you'll be pleased with the Cherokee. The V6 is quiet and powerful, and the shifting is extremely smooth - the fix they applied seems to be perfect. In mostly city/back road driving I averaged almost 20 mpg, although I only drove a total of about 25 miles. Visibility is excellent and the vehicle responds well to the demands of the road.

If you have any other questions, I'm glad to do my best.
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