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Hi All,
Cant find anything about this so would like to hear if any VM diesel Overland owners have had this issue particularly in Australia. Apologies for using metrics to the US Folks!
We live in Australia where the Ecco Diesel is quite popular. We tow a 3.2t caravan and we are getting bad rear drive shaft vibrations when under heavy load up hills especially. On our 3rd rear tail-shaft and getting nowhere. 70,000kms.
The heavy vibration starts at the rear from 50kph up to 100kph at least. Stops if I lift the pedal and ease off. Normal driving no problems.
The local Jeep people have been great but they are stumped and we are waiting for Jeep Australia to respond with a fix.
So far 3rd tail-shaft, oil changed TC and tranny (clean), all rubber mounts checked, been on a hoist in gear with the engine running.
Seems similar to problems people have when front and rear tires don't match. The TC then gets hammered. We have almost new Goodyears all round with only a few thousand km's on them.
The last shaft that came off I was able to check it myself. I found the front CV was jamming and the center support bearing rubber was torn. Only did a few hundred km's and its faulty.
I suspect the TC. Ive checked forums everywhere and I'm over it! Ive asked the mechanics to look at the front drive shaft as it seems its been a problem especially on the SRTs. If it goes bad can it stir up the rear shaft?
We love our JGC and desperately want to hook up and get on the road again. "JJ" has been a wonderful workhorse over all sorts of terrain and temperatures up to 52 deg C.
Thanks in advance,
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