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OZ Monaco HLT

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Tirerack has a new 20" wheel. Looks good to me.

What is HLT though? They say it's a process that gives it qualities similar to a forged wheel, but don't explain how. Is it Italian black magic? Tirerack notes it is low pressure cast and shot peened. Can shot peen be that effective or are they using rotary flow forming too on the barrel? I'm not familiar with OZ wheels.

For us it is 5x5, 20x8.5 and ET 40

With an ET of 40, idk if a 275/45 is an option, despite tirerack recommending it.


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Can't speak to the HLT process, but OZ has been around forever and makes a solid product.

I know shot peening has been used on performance parts for a long time as it helps "solidify" the metal. I'd guess it falls inbetween cast and forged for strength. If it keeps costs down then i'm all for it!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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