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Generally I'm a very sedate and defensive driver, so I only "put the boot in" with our cars on the very rare occasion. After nearly 7 months of ownership I haven't opened up the throttle on our KL 3.2,.... until yesterday.

TIME: 0600.
PLACE: Dual lane highway heading south of Melbourne.
TRAFFIC: Our KL + a 2015 SV6 Holden Commodore. Nil other vehicles in our immediate vicinity.
MOTORS: (Jeep) Pentastar 3.2 V6 v (Holden) SIDI 3.6 V6.

Off in the distance behind me I could see a set of lights steadily approaching. Although not quite sunrise yet, however vision was quite good in the early, clear and cold morning.

The car, which I now identified as a Holden Commodore SV6 or V8 model, had caught me and was sitting on my right quarter panel. We rounded a "roundabout", uninterrupted, and continued along the dual lane highway at the prescribed 100kmh limit. The Commodore just sat there, in the right hand lane; not overtaking.

We approached another Roundabout, but there was traffic here. So we both stopped until the traffic cleared; the KL's Stop/Start feature operating beautifully. We continued along the highway at 100kmh; the Commodore still not overtaking me.

Then I got "that" feeling. You know the one; the feeling that a Drag-Race is imminent. I had felt it many times before in my youth :) Then we arrived at the third Roundabout.

It was like a scene from the start of the Daytona 500. We rounded the Roundabout at approximately 40kmh with the Commodore a nose in front,........ then as we straightened up he "gunned it". I too put the boot into the KL and was keeping up with the Commodore. Then within a few seconds I was ever so slightly catching it.

When we quickly hit the 120kmh mark I backed off with the now confirmed V6 powered Commodore only a bumper in front. The SV6 continued on down the highway at full pace.

Two things that made me smile was;
1. Imagining the look on the SV6 Driver's face as he saw that a bloody Jeep Cherokee was actually catching his V8 Supercars inspired ride, and
2. The KL is nearly 200kgs heavier than the SV6, ...and we were catching it.

I've now returned to my normal sedate & defensive driving style, ...but boy was that satisfying. For a 6 cylinder the 3.2 Pentastar certainly has some impressive power :D


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You naughty naughty boy. :D

I had a moment today in the CRD - Stuck behind a Prado driver doing 20kms under the limit? Limit was 100 - semi-rural country road - not the best road but once you know it, the 100 limit is appropriate.

I'm thinking to myself, your Toyota does go faster than that I'm sure (but to be fair, it was a new plate and looked like a brand new vehicle so maybe picked up in the last week or two or maybe even today. Who knows? Perhaps not familiar with it yet or perhaps not familiar with that particular road).

I got sick of looking at his bum and he was probably sick at looking at the 7-slot grill up him and I knew that a nice straight was coming up.

Checked the straight, checked the high cutting at the end - nothing coming - off we went.

No perceptible lag from the diesel. Not sling-shot like our old Hemi but very purposeful and solid. I pulled back at the 117 mark but there was still plenty in her. So very smooth.

Very happy with this engine and the vehicle overall. :)
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