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Phase 2 mods complete

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Since the addition of the wheels, I've been hard at work! I have painted the side chrome to match and the window trim chrome pd'd. Also did a "custom" grille lol (also pd'd with gloss mesh). Put on srt front bumper and rocker moldings. Oh yeah....also installed interior LEDs. Next on the list are hid headlight housing and kit, suspension, exhaust, and a tuner. It never ends. Photos in a bit.

Edit......forgot to mention that I will be getting front driver and passenger side windows tinted to match rear. Just figured someone would point that out.
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I really appreciate all the help and info I've received from this forum!! You guys are the best. My wallet, however, hates each and every one of you!
Man that looks AWESOME! Great work. Love that color. Any plans to do the rear SRT bumper and center-exit exhaust?
Thanks rock! Man....I really want to but I'm going one step at a time. It's def starting to come together though. Suspension is the next priority.
I hear you. Suspension is a great next mod. It just never ends. Next time we should just buy an SRT8. :lol:

Greyhound Express lost my rear SRT bumper (I don't even know how that's possible but they did). Filed a claim and now have to wait 60 days for them to either find it or give me a refund. So frustrating.

In the meantime. I'm working on new manifolds, mid pipes, and exhaust. Wish me luck!
Damn bro that really sucks. I was a bit curious how that whole greyhound thing would work out. How is the seller dealing with it?? Let me know how the headers work out. I am contemplating going that route down the road. What tuner do you have and is it really worth it??? I really hope that rear bumper issue works its way out for you....I'd be livid.
PM sent. I didn't want to hijack your thread.
SICK! i really like that color!! :)
Rock....I'll get at you tomorrow
And rock.... You're not gonna kill this thread. It's a few years behind. Lol
just got the front windows tinted today......about time
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