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Since the uconnect website for phone compatibility appears dated, perhaps a Jeep Garage members list of phones and user experiences will help in knowing what phones we should consider when upgrading. Please use me example below and put your own info in:

My Vehicle: 2014 JGC Limited with
Infotainment System: 8A4 system (nav upgraded)
Software Version: 13.19.0

My Phone: iPhone 5
Software: 6.1.4
Carrier: AT&T

Features that Work:
1. Phone calls over bluetooth,
2. import of phone book,
3. voice recognition calling contacts,
4. Bluetooth audio streaming (both using iTunes and 3rd party apps like Slacker and Pandora),
5. correct display of artist and songs on screen via Bluetooth (even for 3rd party apps),
To get things to work, first I had to pair the phone with the unconnect, which is easy enough. Then to get the phonebook and texts to work I had to select the uconnect device tab under the Bluetooth menu and turn these two features on. The "show notifications" on/off toggle is what makes the texts work.

No problems streaming music, including using apps like Pandora or Slacker, No problem with the phonebook porting over, though some people's numbers show up twice for some reason? As fort he texts, the system will only receive texts with my iPhone. It does not send them, but as another posted in here, you can activate Siri from the phone itself and she comes on over the stereo, which seems to work OK. I do hope that with future iOS/Uconnect updates that the iPhone will be able to reply to texts via the Uconnect.

I would be interested to know if there are any phones out there that are fully compatible with ALL features to include free form text replies?
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