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I just wanted to reply here because it seems like a more relevant thread.

As far as finding a leak and determining if its in a line or at one of the o-rings:
Put your jeep in the highest suspensions level, then disable the air suspension. It's probably different on your 2011, but I'm sure you can google the procedure. If after a night, all the shocks have lost air, its probably a leak in your solenoid block or near the pump. (youtube "quadralift fix" OR "finding air suspension leaks").
Most of the leaks seem to come from o-rings but there are plenty of videos from many vehicles that show diagnosis and fixes for air suspension leaks.

If you find that after a night, only one shock has deflated, you can do something radical to isolate the one shock. I may have seen it here on jeepgarage, but someone removed the residual pressure valve and replaced it with a screw in schrader valve. (YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE THE THREAD PITCH IS THE SAME). That allows you to inflate a single shock with an air pump and then check for leaks.

There's so many good tips on solving this problem here on Jeepgarage. Just spend the time searching and reading. You'll find the leak eventually. I'm betting it's just an o-ring somewhere that's lived it full life.
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