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Predator u7137 help

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I have a predator u7137 for my 05 GC hemi. I have the latest update for the predator v914 something like that. I can not for the life of me find a way to adjust my shift percentages. Will someone help me find this please
The whole reason I bought it was for the trans tuning. It is not under the adjustment section or modify tune area. Where should I look? I'm running the 91 tune.

Thanks for any help with this

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Its a pain. you have to load the engine tune and then when it says done you may on plug it ,don't just reboot. then go through it again and the second time around you can pick the trans. it annoys the hell out of me but that's the only way I can get to it. have you seen the trans thread started by (I believe) blackpepper ? it works pretty good,for not being CMR.
Yes, I read through the thread and plan to do my set up the same. I thought I also saw a thread with the downshift adjustments but can't find it now. Are there adjustments for the downshifts?

I will give the DS a shot tonight to get to the trans adjustments. Thanks for the help! I will post results after I get it done.

I've had that problem with my DS too. That's why I am running the Superchips with the ATT App. Gives full control over everything, and easy to use.
I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow during the daylight and see how far I get. I can say one thing about it, it helped my gas mileage greatly. I reset and watch the the read out ever day. Guess I like depressing myself. Normally run around 14 mpg on the interstate. today it was reading 18 consistently same road and speeds. If that one area is that good it will pay for itself fairly quick.
Just installed the mpg boost tune a few min ago. Will test on my way to chicago.

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Found the trans adjustments. It is a pain but I set it up finally. I will see this week how it plays out. The gas mileage is still showing 3-4 more mpg than the stock set up. I didn't expect such a difference but I'm not complaining. I am running the 87 perf tune with 89 octane. I would like to run the 91 but everywhere here has 87,89 or 93 octane. I will keep everyone updated on the set up and mileage at the end of the week.

Mpg tune was a joke. Went down 2mpg driving defensively highway using cruise. Installed 93 perf. Tune and mileage went back to stock but with more kick. Looking forward to more info and tests being posted.
brando26- from what I have read, the 87 tune with running 89 octane fuel gives the best mpg. You might be losing some hp from the 93 tune but only 10-15. That is such a small amount it's hardly noticed. The trans set up really helps the GC to drive like it should. I'm happy with the way it drives now, not bogging down all the time. Might tinker some more on it to fine tune later but I'm enjoying this so much ,who knows. Today on the interstate was 17.5 average. That is still up 3.5 more mpg than before the tune. I will keep everyone posted through the week. I did notice in town yesterday the mpg were 14.5. Before they were in the 12-12.5 range. Maybe the trans adjustment helps the GC to run in the optimum zone for rpm's???
Maybe so. I was running mid octane like the gc manual says to when I put the mpg tune in. Same gas I was running before the tune. Started at 18 pre, and got 15.7 post tune at around 72mph for 3 hours.
I put 93 in for the 93 tune and got 17.5 at about 75-80mph for 3 hours. Mpg went up at that speed.
FWIW I have always noticed better mpg's with higher octane, especially when running in hills, tune or not. But I also dont try to drive for mileage very often.
4.whoa, do you have hills in Kansas? You can have some of ours.....along with the almost non-stop wind.
^ yeah we have some hills, but most of them are on the west end of the state. and don't get me started about the wind, my truck (work) has been leaning over like it's trying to make a " v-8" commercial for way too long! :p
Thanks for all the help guys.

I have averaged between 17 and 17.5 mpg all week, much better than before the Predator. I have stayed with the 87 perf tune. Might try the 93 shortly but still thinking about it. If I can justify spending 30 cents more per gallon for a few more mpg's, it will be a go. Working on running the 89 out of the tank right now.
Highway, right? You're not averaging that with city driving in the mix are you?
My bad -highway, wish it was city.
Cool. Thats what I get with 93, and a lot more kick.
OK guys changed the EGR out this weekend. Mileage is up to 18.5 over the last 2 days. This is going in the right direction. Going to load the 93 tune for the rest of the week and see where it ends up. By the way the EGR solved my slight back and forth surging at highway speeds. Also quieted down the Hemi tick at start up modestly. I have the MDS off and it seems to run better and still seeing the 18.5 at 70 mph back and forth 50 miles a day to work.
My jeep seemed to run much better on the 91 performance tune. Loaded the 93 and it didn't feel as quick off the line and snappy in the mid ranges. I've just been running it in the mpg tune for a few weeks to maximize economy, and it definitely doesn't run as well as the 91 or 93... But 20-22mpg flat highway at 65 mph is worth it.
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