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Project Ground Pounder SRT Wide-Body Clone

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Project ( Ground Pounder SRT ) . ( work currently still in progress L )

Hello my friends,

I am a car tuning enthusiast living in Beirut, Lebanon. My hobby is spending my spare times tuning my cars in my humble garage, then driving them to drop some Jaws J ! I Like my ride to be Flashy, One of a Kind, at most of all The attention to detailing (Y) ! I am 30 yrs old now, and I used to modify my rides since I were 15 J .

Where I live, there are no decent car shops. No quality parts, no accessories, no nothing!! …if i have to find anything it would be some bad quality stuff…. what so ever, so I always have to order parts from the U.S.A mostly . So I always have to bare the extra shipping expense, customs, and time…

Why a Jeep WK ? why an SRT clone ?

It all began when I wanted to buy a car that can both be visually modified and handle a big SPL sound system. So it must be an SUV.

An SUV’s interior works like a big box that in turn can multiply the bass sound waves to give that big loudness! … So 1st step, an SUV. 2nd, That SUV must be visually attractive. 1 of the nicest SUV’s in my opinion is the Jeep SRT-8, its a beast.

WK SRT8’s cost in Lebanon 95,000$ at the dealership, not to mention the additional cost to upgrade the looks, like rims, lowering.. etc... So I went with a second hand Laredo, 50,000 Miles for 25,000$ to begin with :) ..

This build up by far is really really really Costy, tiring, and Verryyyyyy Time consuming. I Working on my Wk alone, and at my spare times, it took me now 9 month’s to be exact, and I still have a long way in ‘’ Detailing ‘’ . The current Awesome Outcome was the result of Sweat, Blood and Tears ;)

I would like to give a big big big thanks up to Scott ( Scottina 06 ) J . Without him whoring here and there with his posts, and giving me some priceless tips my build up would never be an instant success J He was the first person to modd up a Wk and do a complete SRT-8 conversion, with write ups, pictures, part-numbers and suggestions.. I blindly believe in what he suggests. Thanks Scott for your support for us forum members J , I call you : The Life Saver :p

Robpp : The Perfectionalist J
HEMIbeast : JG’s P.I.M.P ! ;)

My Project is still in the progress, and its going on slow. Main reason : Ordering parts from the U.S.A and waiting for shipping and customs time.. Other reasons: Working on my own at my spare times…And the attention to detail in my work which consumes lots lots of time J I will post what I’ve done so far.

Before the Pics, a small list of current mods and parts on hand : ;)

- Shaved Antenna.
- Shaved Rear Wiper.
- FIAMM air horn :D
- Custom built Wide Front Wheel flares + 2cm on each side.
-Custom built Wide rear Wheel flares + 2.5 cm on each side.
- Brand new 08 Laredo Side door moldings, ( to be shaved and color coded )
- Complete Srt8 front fascia with brackets, supports, air ducts…. De-chromed, color coded, License plate bracket color coded also.
- Complete SRT8 rear fascia …. De-chromed, color coded chrome strip, color coded rear sensors.
- Brand new SRT8 roof rails, color coded.
- Mopar Rear spoiler ( modified, bigger lip )
- Stillen headlight covers.
- Custom Mesh grill ( in the works )
- PPG Lambo Pearl Red Paint.
- Flat black door pillars.
- 22’ Dunlop Sp-Sport Max tires. 265/35/22
- Flat black 22’ Gino Wheels With color coded lip(s) both sides.
- Flat Black mirror housings , with color coded cover ( SRT8 style )
- F.B window trim ( Laredo trim )
- F.B headlight housing.
-F.B foglight housing.
-F.B Brake rotors , and Brake pad calipers.
-F.B under carriage.
-F.B ( inside ) door and hood panels, and trunk door..
- Blacked out tails, 3rd brake light, fogs.
- AAC style 6000K Halo rings. Highs, Lows and fogs
- H.I.D Highs, Lows, and Fogs
- Bwoody Lowering springs.
- Srt8 Bilsteins.
- Srt8 Sway bars.
- Mbrp 5’ Dual wall custom exhaust tips.
- Pioneer AVH p-3150 DVD head unit ( touch screen , double din )
- Pioneer 6 woofers ( Tsw-3004 SPL ) 3,000 watts each J
- Pioneer 3 Amps (PRS-D2000SPL ) monstrous amps.
- 6 optima 75 AH yellow top batteries.
- 3 WK 160 amp Alternators

That is => $ 20,000 + in mods SO FAR * :(

Here Is the story.....

- My 3.7L Laredo still a virgin :) , before i buy it , when first i set an eye on it at a car dealer.

Fist day Home : 1st mods : debagged , deleted roof rack! lol

Last Day of virginity shot : trying some vynil eye lids ....

Found Srt-8 front and Rear bumpers at a salvage yard!!! sold them to me for (2000$) without the brackets, ducts..and all the hardware .... installed them , and trying some home made LED's .. by that time from 1 and 1/2 yrs , there were no Halo kits for a WK ;)

The 22' Rims from GINO USA had arrived ( 1,950 $ ) , + 15 offset . installed so i can widen the flares custom on them . i had to widen the jeep fenders by 2.5 cm at the rear, and 2 at the front.

Time to stripp off the jeep inside out, and mark every single part to identify later and clean before installing again... took me 3 weaks.

installed rims and bumpers and began the conversion... bought 2 WK front fenders and we cut the flares and welded them + some metal work on the rear...

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Sick man! That's how we Roll in the Middle East! LOL! Awesome Job!
:eek: You are the man! I like what you did with the Control Light's. Nice and white. I'm sure that's a first.
DAMN! Looks sick bro! Lovin the FlashTechs!
Next time I go to Lebanon I have to come pass by to see you and the Jeep. I once saw 1 SRT is Casleek.
:eek::eek::eek::eek:I have to see it next time I go to Lebanon!!!!!!
1 - 5 of 424 Posts
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