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Project Ground Pounder SRT Wide-Body Clone

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Project ( Ground Pounder SRT ) . ( work currently still in progress L )

Hello my friends,

I am a car tuning enthusiast living in Beirut, Lebanon. My hobby is spending my spare times tuning my cars in my humble garage, then driving them to drop some Jaws J ! I Like my ride to be Flashy, One of a Kind, at most of all The attention to detailing (Y) ! I am 30 yrs old now, and I used to modify my rides since I were 15 J .

Where I live, there are no decent car shops. No quality parts, no accessories, no nothing!! …if i have to find anything it would be some bad quality stuff…. what so ever, so I always have to order parts from the U.S.A mostly . So I always have to bare the extra shipping expense, customs, and time…

Why a Jeep WK ? why an SRT clone ?

It all began when I wanted to buy a car that can both be visually modified and handle a big SPL sound system. So it must be an SUV.

An SUV’s interior works like a big box that in turn can multiply the bass sound waves to give that big loudness! … So 1st step, an SUV. 2nd, That SUV must be visually attractive. 1 of the nicest SUV’s in my opinion is the Jeep SRT-8, its a beast.

WK SRT8’s cost in Lebanon 95,000$ at the dealership, not to mention the additional cost to upgrade the looks, like rims, lowering.. etc... So I went with a second hand Laredo, 50,000 Miles for 25,000$ to begin with :) ..

This build up by far is really really really Costy, tiring, and Verryyyyyy Time consuming. I Working on my Wk alone, and at my spare times, it took me now 9 month’s to be exact, and I still have a long way in ‘’ Detailing ‘’ . The current Awesome Outcome was the result of Sweat, Blood and Tears ;)

I would like to give a big big big thanks up to Scott ( Scottina 06 ) J . Without him whoring here and there with his posts, and giving me some priceless tips my build up would never be an instant success J He was the first person to modd up a Wk and do a complete SRT-8 conversion, with write ups, pictures, part-numbers and suggestions.. I blindly believe in what he suggests. Thanks Scott for your support for us forum members J , I call you : The Life Saver :p

Robpp : The Perfectionalist J
HEMIbeast : JG’s P.I.M.P ! ;)

My Project is still in the progress, and its going on slow. Main reason : Ordering parts from the U.S.A and waiting for shipping and customs time.. Other reasons: Working on my own at my spare times…And the attention to detail in my work which consumes lots lots of time J I will post what I’ve done so far.

Before the Pics, a small list of current mods and parts on hand : ;)

- Shaved Antenna.
- Shaved Rear Wiper.
- FIAMM air horn :D
- Custom built Wide Front Wheel flares + 2cm on each side.
-Custom built Wide rear Wheel flares + 2.5 cm on each side.
- Brand new 08 Laredo Side door moldings, ( to be shaved and color coded )
- Complete Srt8 front fascia with brackets, supports, air ducts…. De-chromed, color coded, License plate bracket color coded also.
- Complete SRT8 rear fascia …. De-chromed, color coded chrome strip, color coded rear sensors.
- Brand new SRT8 roof rails, color coded.
- Mopar Rear spoiler ( modified, bigger lip )
- Stillen headlight covers.
- Custom Mesh grill ( in the works )
- PPG Lambo Pearl Red Paint.
- Flat black door pillars.
- 22’ Dunlop Sp-Sport Max tires. 265/35/22
- Flat black 22’ Gino Wheels With color coded lip(s) both sides.
- Flat Black mirror housings , with color coded cover ( SRT8 style )
- F.B window trim ( Laredo trim )
- F.B headlight housing.
-F.B foglight housing.
-F.B Brake rotors , and Brake pad calipers.
-F.B under carriage.
-F.B ( inside ) door and hood panels, and trunk door..
- Blacked out tails, 3rd brake light, fogs.
- AAC style 6000K Halo rings. Highs, Lows and fogs
- H.I.D Highs, Lows, and Fogs
- Bwoody Lowering springs.
- Srt8 Bilsteins.
- Srt8 Sway bars.
- Mbrp 5’ Dual wall custom exhaust tips.
- Pioneer AVH p-3150 DVD head unit ( touch screen , double din )
- Pioneer 6 woofers ( Tsw-3004 SPL ) 3,000 watts each J
- Pioneer 3 Amps (PRS-D2000SPL ) monstrous amps.
- 6 optima 75 AH yellow top batteries.
- 3 WK 160 amp Alternators

That is => $ 20,000 + in mods SO FAR * :(

Here Is the story.....

- My 3.7L Laredo still a virgin :) , before i buy it , when first i set an eye on it at a car dealer.

Fist day Home : 1st mods : debagged , deleted roof rack! lol

Last Day of virginity shot : trying some vynil eye lids ....

Found Srt-8 front and Rear bumpers at a salvage yard!!! sold them to me for (2000$) without the brackets, ducts..and all the hardware .... installed them , and trying some home made LED's .. by that time from 1 and 1/2 yrs , there were no Halo kits for a WK ;)

The 22' Rims from GINO USA had arrived ( 1,950 $ ) , + 15 offset . installed so i can widen the flares custom on them . i had to widen the jeep fenders by 2.5 cm at the rear, and 2 at the front.

Time to stripp off the jeep inside out, and mark every single part to identify later and clean before installing again... took me 3 weaks.

installed rims and bumpers and began the conversion... bought 2 WK front fenders and we cut the flares and welded them + some metal work on the rear...

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Very well said Ron...

lol at the mediterranean coast customs ... call it bimbin in da middle east!

Beirut is an amazing city so are the chiqas there :D

Hamze would agree !?!?
God works in mysterious ways! I'm not joking about his calling. Look at what he's done with no facilities to speak of. It looks like he's doing the bodywork outside and in a 1 stall garage! That's hardcore, old-school modding straight from my roots! I love it!

Hello My friends! :)

I am soo soo soo Happy U like the work on da jeep :) . You mad emy day! :)

I am trying all my best to get it done as good and neet as possible :)

S.O.T.I. : mediterranean coast customs ! looooooooooooooooooooool !! Actually i've bought a car oven :) and willing to open a car shop here, but not finding an appropriate place to open my business! lol ! Lebanon is soo small man!! I appreciate your help proposal my friend :) If u ever visit Lebanon I will modify your ride for free ! hehe :)

boniomario : :thumbsup: Chiqas! Oooooooh! la laaa ! :) They die for a person who talk arabic with an american accent though :D .. so you should teach our Jeep Garage friends some arabic , and come some day to visit Lebanon you are all welcomed Guys :)
Don't laugh Hamze! I'd visit Lebanon any day! I'm applying to a company in the U.A.E. so...I'm going to need somewhere to visit! :D

You want help starting a shop? No problem! I've been at the beginning of a few shops, both regular repair and custom works. Even if I don't ever make it there, lets see if we can get you set up with some decent reliable vendors.
Damn I love what you've done bro!!! 10's across the board!!!! Even the color is phucking HOT! And I like the paint job on the wheels too.....
Unreal work. It shows what one man can do with time, effort, and skill. Great job!!!!
Dude, that is phuckin wicked. The paint, the wheels, the lights, everything man. That is just awesome :thumbsup: I cannot wait to see this truck fully done.
wow black top looks amazing... i got a quote for 400 for getting that painted didnt seem like it was worth it... hmmm
Hello, i took the black top back off, i dunno why i didnt like it :( i thought it would ruin the ( boxed ) lines of da jeep ? :)
A Million thanks for all of you Brothers :)

i dunno what to say :) i am soo happy you like the work ! I didnt expect such positive feedback, i was afraid it would be somehow out of your tastes :)

You're giving me spirits to get into more good work soon .. :) :)

Current work :

- Waiting for the front sway bar supporting bracketsto reach so that i be able to install the painted sway.

- Deciding on what LED halo's to Buy .. ACC or Flashtech , then wait for shipping , then re-open my fogs, paint, seal

- Waiting for the grill mesh to reach from italy .. I made my own grill from plexiglass ( Lambo style opening, exact match ) , but the Plexi didnt fit like an OEM in the Srt8 front bumper. so i need mesh to acheive better detailed results.. ( I will post the grill build pic after this.... and a pic of the mesh i will get )

- I have an issue with the jeep's stance , didnt solve yet ... after installing bwoody springs, i noticed that the jeep leens too much to the ( rear left side ) and is very high at the ( front right side ) ... the front right is higher than the ride high by 2 cm , and the rear left lower than the ride high by 2 cm :S!!

- After i finish work on the exterior, i have to pass inspections again,have a small vacation :D then begin with the sound system build :)
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Though I've never been under a WK, my first thought about the stance would be check the spring perch in the front(where it is high).
Absolutely FANTASTIC. What an amazing job you are doing here. Thanks for sharing, there are plenty of ideas for inspiration. I really like your sense of detail. I love the inside door painted matte, that is such a nice touch.

Roof in black is cool man but am looking forward to seeing a picture without to see the difference.

What about the grill, what's the plan ?
Got the exact dimentions of the grill which is inserted on Lambo's ... went to a lazer cutting machein , downloaded the info, and voilaa...

each slot on the WK grill, has a different size btw.. time consuming, but made perfect...

Tester pic, on card-board :

The Grill i ordered, waiting shipping, 2 more weaks..

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Though I've never been under a WK, my first thought about the stance would be check the spring perch in the front(where it is high).
When i reach to that point, I've put in mind to check the higher side ( as you also recommended :) )

i will go to some shop that does wheel allighnment , and tell him to check the whole suspension components at that side, i might change everything to new , excluding the bilsteins :) bcz they are still brand new!
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My brotha............ You have the sickest build and best looking jeep I've seen!! The work done looks amazing!

Thanks for sharing your pictures!
My brotha............ You have the sickest build and best looking jeep I've seen!! The work done looks amazing!

Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Math Correction ! :D

That makes them 2 sick jeeps . One currently stuntin on the roads, and the other in the build process :)
haha thanks!!

How did you open up your foglights?
haha thanks!!

How did you open up your foglights?

The only way to open them is to CHopp them with a saw, or saw machein. i will search for a pic provided in the ACC brochure, and post it here for you :)

I found some link :
You MUST have this mod brotha!

i have contacted ACC if they have LED fog light halos, They just replied me back with a link of CCFL fog light halos :confused: ! :lol: .. What a customer service!!

Dont go with CCFL .. i guess they dont have LED fogs..
I want those wheels but where the red is I want white. But I'll need a different odffset. What brand wheels are those?
I want those wheels but where the red is I want white. But I'll need a different odffset. What brand wheels are those?
Hello !

here you go, its called Gyno type 493 , (black with red inserts option ) I Guess that i ordered them from Los angeles..

but it doesn't fit a jeep Wk ... You should do custom ( rings ) for it to fit.. not sure what u guys call them .. and the offset is +15, so it will stick out 1 inch out of your fenders :D
wowowowow i am gone for 4 days and i have the honor of looking at this thread for hte past 1 hour!!!! amazing bro! simply amazing! by far the most work i have ever seen done to a wk!!!! keep up the great work!!!
Now that is what I call a project!

Awesome work so far bro, can't wait to see the finished article! :thumbsup:
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