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Just sharing my experience with this specific swap.

I have a 2014 JGC Overland Ecodiesel that came with 20" wheels. And being an Ecodiesel, it has the HD brakes. I had read that the HD brakes made it so 17's off a Wrangler wouldn't fit but 18's off a Wrangler Sahara should work fine. I actually experienced some rubbing, but it wasn't from the caliper. It was the retaining spring that was rubbing (part 68052368AA). And it only rubbed on my front wheels, one more than the other. They're not precision-fit parts either - you just snap them into position and their own tension holds them in place. The one that was rubbing a lot wasn't staying in place on the bottom end, hence the rubbing. Took one trip around the block and it made a noticeable groove on the inside face of the wheel. Didn't even notice the scraping until I rolled the windows down, then I could hear it. The fix was easy though I probably over-did it. Since the part was already scraped from the wheel, I ground it down a little further to try and make sure it's smooth. That probably wasn't necessary. What really seemed to help was looking at the retaining spring, seeing what part needed to be bent which way to get it fit tightly and without sticking out from the caliper. A little tweak here and there and a couple taps with a hammer and it was fixed.

So just a heads-up for anyone else trying Sahara 18's on a WK2 with the HD brakes - check those retaining springs for clearance :)

Scrape marks on inside face of the wheel.

Automotive tire Wheel Hubcap Alloy wheel Tread

The retaining spring. The shiny part is where it rubbed and then I ground it further.

Automotive tire Wood Bicycle part Rim Auto part

With original 20's:

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Plant

With the Sahara 18's:

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Vehicle
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