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Have a look at this site for anti electrolysis products: Products
By grounding the radiator, you created a path for currents to run easier. This eventually could make the things worse (remember that for electrolysis to occur the following three must be true: 1: Electrochemically dissimilar metals must be present 2:These metals must be in electrical contact, and 3: The metals must be exposed to an electrolyte. By using the grounding wires, you made the electrical contact needed for item 2).
Only in case of stray currents, caused by bad grounds from electrical components, a ground wire to the radiator would help. But it would not solve the real problem, a bad ground from one of the components.
But your problem most probably has nothing to do with return currents from other components, but with the acidic environment in the cooling system. Maybe that you always flushed the cooling system every year, but did the previous owner do it (unless you are the first owner still) Once the flush and new coolant was not done for a long time, its very difficult to stop the electrolysis.
Maybe with special flushing fluid (as menioned in above site) it will get better.
Also the sacrificial anode will probably help you out, it will be eaten away instead of the Aluminum. Regular flushing will still be needed.
A voltage of 0.1 V in the cooling system is ok, above the 0.3 V electolysis will start and the higher the voltage, the quicker the electolysis will do its devastating job.
On the next page you will find several flush methods and when to use them:
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