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Hi All, I will try again as my post disappeared. Would appreciate any input as Ive run out of ideas. The JGC is under warranty and I'm waiting for Jeep Australia's response.
We have a 2015 JGC Overland 70,000km. We have just done 30,000km towing a 3.2 t caravan. Near new tires front and rear with only a few thousand kms on them.
It has started getting a severe vibration and rumbling at the rear while under heavy load accelerating or towing up a steep hill with the van behind. Occurs from 50-100kph.
We are on the 3rd rear driveshaft and I'm stuffed if I know what next. The last shaft lasted few hundred km's and the front CV was seizing up and the center support bearing rubber was torn. The Jeep mechanic has been fantastic. Changed TC and gearbox oils both clean. Checked all the mounts.
The vibration and rumbling sounds like what happens with mismatched front and rear tires I imagine. The transfer case goes nuts and the rear drive shaft shakes so hard its dislodging the shaft support bearing from the rubber mount. Can the front driveshaft cause these problems? Is the TC going bad?
Normal driving is fine no problem.
Anyone seen this before? We want to get on the road again!
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