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So here it goes...I have a '14 overland with panoramic roof. Immediately after buying I started having a rattle from the back. To me it seemed to be coming from the rear passenger side. The sound was similar to a loud plasticky click over certain roads. Also, when the car dipped on one side, the noise was there. Over speed bumps, the noise went from a click to a full out rumble!!! Dealer, obviously couldn't duplicate after 2 rides with 2 mechanics. I padded anything & everything I could. I noticed the rattle was temperature sensitive. Every time the temperature dipped below 55, the rattle was there. Above 55, the rsttle was gone. Tonight I had my wife ride in the back & listen. To my surprise the rattle she & i heard was not coming from the passenger rear, but was coming from the back of the panoramic sunroof, on the driver side. I can duplicate the sound by simply banging slightly on the pano glass. If I press the glass up & bang on it, the sound is gone. If I press the glass down & bang, the noise is gone. So it is obvious the rattle is caused by the glass twisting/moving & coming into contact with the metal panel underneath it, which serves as a prop. That also explains the temperature sensitivity. In the warmer temps the rubber seal around the glass expands preventing the glass from moving. In the cold, it contracts & the class is more maneuverable. I guess from the acoustics of the car, the sound traveled to be audible on the opposite side.
My question is, does anyone have a diagram of the pano roof assembly? Can anyone suggest where I can find one? I think the solution is to pad the small space between the pano glass & the metal prop directly beneath it, to decrease the contact. I don't plan on taking anything apart, just curious as to how the pano roof is assembled.
Any advise is appreciated & hope this may be the solution for me & maybe help someone else who is having a similar annoying rear rattle.
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