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Discussion Starter · #1 · original jeep stereo, part P56038623AF, cassette/single cd/cd controller for rear multi disc changer. A tape got stuck in my old stereo and i could not get it out for the life of me!!! at first i didn't care, still had radio and cd player. then one day, the unit decided it was going to try to eject the broken tape and whenever the jeep was on it made this non stop clicking noise. so i took the unit out and got a replacement on ebay that has warranty and says tested and works. put it in, stuck a cd in....nothing. says track 1, then no cd. it won't eject the cds. i was able to get the cd out by sticking a second cd halfway in a hitting eject repeatedly then it would slowly kick the cd out just enough or me to grab wtih my fingers. i have been in contact wtih the seller and he says there is a process to "reset" the unit, but I cant find that information ANYWHERE on Google. Can somebody please tell me how to use the reset button(which also sets the minutes on my clock) or another process to reset this stereo to see if that works. Thanks!!!!
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