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When I was test driving the '14s I was a bit saddened to discover that you had to press the brake to move from neutral into drive or reverse. Other than the minor annoyance of the extra step, the main thing that bugged me was that I wouldn't be able to "rock" the car when stuck by alternating drive/reverse since you have to pass through neutral and hitting the brake would completely defeat the rocking motion.

Well, last night I was reading through the 2014 owner's manual (what else is one to do while waiting for May 7th to roll around? :lol: ) and got to the part where they talked about getting stuck and they specifically mentioned rocking the vehicle by alternating drive/reverse. At first I thought it was just something they forgot to remove after the change to the new 8 speed, but that sentence was followed up by this little gem:

Whenever the transmission remains in NEUTRAL for
more than 2 seconds, you must press the brake pedal to
engage DRIVE or REVERSE.
They actually made it so that you don't have to use the brake as long as you don't stay in neutral more than 2 seconds, which allows you to perform the aforementioned rocking. Nice! :thumbsup: Somebody had their thinking cap on. :)
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