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Hi guys
I have a 2011 Jeep Compass 2.4 Sports Wagon
I recently had the 110,000 k service done and at the same time had the tires rotated.
Since then it seems that the tire rotation has introduced a noise that appears to be coming from the transfer case/drive chain area underneath the vehicle.
This noise is only noticeable at speeds between 1 k to 10 k. In otherwise when commencing to start driving or coming to a halt. The noise is a ratcheting type noise as if a cog wheel is clicking against something. The noise seems to disappear at speed or at least is unnoticeable inside the car when driving along.
I took the car back to the garage and they could not identify the problem or the actual source of the noise and they rotated the tires back again just in case. The problem persisted so I had them again rotate the tires back to the original rotated position.
I had an automatic transmission expert have a look and he still could not identify the cause or the source. He thought it may be the viscous coupling but was not sure?
From my investigations online I have seen some references to a similar problem being introduced after tire rotation on the Jeep.
Does anyone have any idea what this might be and indeed what may have caused it?
It is definitely not a tire like noise.
It is a slow metallic click click click at very low speed under 6mph coming from under the middle of the vehicle. The 3 mechanics agree that is an unusual noise in and around the transfer case area.
A similar problem has been posted about in another forum without any decisive identification of the source.
Reversing the tire rotation did solve the problem in one case as I recall.

I should also mention that the problem occurs every day but not all the time. Sometimes I can start driving on a 15 minute drive and the noise is not present. But when I stop at a traffic light or go to park at my destination it invariably will present itself. Happens in reverse as well.

Hopefully someone can advise if they have heard of this before.

My next step before having the transmission removed and checked internally I guess is to buy all new tires and see if the problem noise disappears.
Any advice welcomed and encouraged.
Thank you
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