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Hi everyone

I am new to the forum and also new to my WK (bought it 2 weeks ago). Its a 2006 Laredo 4.7 Well the other day I noticed that my driver's side tail light was out so I changed the two tail light bulbs. That didn't fix anything. So I started messing around with the lights and saw that the turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights still worked on both sides, there were just no running lights on the driver's side. Also noticed that the license plate lights were out. So I checked out the lights on the front. Low beams and high beams worked just fine, as well as the fog lights. Turn signals worked, but no running light on the driver side. With all lights turned off the driver side running light would come on when the brake pedal was depressed. So I popped open the fuse box under the hood and found that the fuse for the driver side running lights was blow. I changed the fuses for both the driver and passenger side running lights. They all worked after that!.... for about 10 minutes. After a short time the lights were doing the same thing again. So I pulled the fuse and it was blown. After another 10 minutes or so it happened again.

I am confused as to what is wrong. All the lights and everything work just fine but there is something going wrong and making the fuse blow.

Anybody ever had this happen before or know what the deal is?
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