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Rust - Limited Center Caps - Remove/Replace?

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I was out washing my 2011 Limited this weekend and noticed a tiny amount of RUST forming along the perimeter of the center cap on my wheels. I also noticed a bit of a rusty stain on the alloy wheels themselves.

Not my wheels, but similar issue.

These caps are simply chrome plated pieces, correct? Or maybe the rust/stain is coming from behind (hubs/rotors)?

How to remove these caps? Not really room to inset a screwdriver in the gap. How about safely removing the rusty stain without affecting the wheel finish?



Note: The finish on my 2000 and 2004 JGC alloy wheels totally failed and flaked over time - I surely want to avoid a similar situation on my 2011!
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Could the "rust" be coming from the rotor hub itself and working it's way out.

If water gets in there, I'm sure it does, then it will forum a rust soup.

That might eat at the finish of the wheel.

The wheel and cap I don't think will have "Iron" rust.

Any place water can collect, needs a drain to get rid of it quick and allow it to dry.

I wonder if putting a fine notches in the cap might be worth it.
I bet it is coming from the hub.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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