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So I had to drive for more than an hour through heavy rain and my Sirius Satellite Radio went out for a week. The dreaded "Acquiring Satellite Signal" message, that gradually improved over the next week as it was drier weather.

So I'm convinced I got water in the Satellite Antenna and it will probably happen again. Started looking for a replacement antenna, but I'm completely confused. AM/FM Radio worked flawlessly before, during and after, so there is no problem with the AM/FM part of the antenna.

This is a 2011 JGC 70th Anniversary Edition, with the RHB radio. One antenna on the rear roof, a large black base with whip extending up out of it.

So each antenna replacement I look up, says the antenna that looks just like the one on the vehicle now is just AM/FM, no Satellite Radio. The one that I look up that is Satellite Radio, is good ol' slightly aero shaped brick, that clearly has no antenna for AM/FM.

So whats the deal? Where is my Satellite Radio Antenna? Is it one unit for Satellite and AM/FM? Is there a Satellite Radio antenna hidden somewhere? (I know the GPS antenna is under the dash). Is there a seperate Satellite antenna buried in the whip antenna, that you replace individually? Cause the photos don't look like the Whip Antenna base is serviceable, it looks sealed up tight.
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