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Hi gang,

I just purchased my very first Jeep - a 2008 Patriot North Edition.

I love it dearly already, and while it is almost immaculate, I am facing one issue which I would like to fix. Preferably take care of it myself before I bring it to the garage. Perhaps you guys can help me out. Here goes:

The seat heaters will not turn on. The seat heater lights, along with the ESP button, do not turn on. The hazards button DOES turn on. I also noticed that my P,R,N,D lights do not light up as well. I am not certain they are supposed to but I assume they should.

I have checked fuses 30 and 33 which supposedly correspond to the seat heaters/lights. They are not broken. I have also disconnected and reconnected the connectors under both front seats.

What else can I try?

Thanks in advance
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