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I'm sure my 2018 SRT is no different than a 2018 Trackhawk in regards to this subject, so I will chime in with my results...
I already had a tazer and the AppCar software for my previous 2016 Summit. I ordered the single bypass module from Z Automotive. Unplugged the 2 connectors under the glovebox and plugged into the module. After updating the firmware on the Tazer, I connected it to the ODBII port, went to the audio screen and was able fix the DRL dropout and fog light problems at all. I don't keep mine connected for any of the 'live' functions, so I removed the Tazer and bypass module, and it all works perfectly.
After getting the latest version of Appcar, I did the same thing, and was able to get in and change the rear signals to Euro mode...again, no issues at all.

In case you're wondering, the reason I didn't do everything with Appcar first, was that it wouldn't let me update the database...took a couple weeks and multiple emails before he sent me a new version with a patch to fix that problem.
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