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The latest installment:

As some may know when Chrysler made the Factory Service Manual available on CD early this year there were some issues. The biggest one was that it only ran under the Windows operating system and with Internet Explorer v 8 (Windows 7) and below. No Android, no iOS, not even Firefox or Chrome.

The problem was it also didn't run under Windows 8 which came with Internet Explorer 10. No how no way.

In September a fix was made available from Chrysler Customer Service and customers purchasing the original CD should have received a new one that looked just the same and had the same part number but September dates on some of the files.

In October Microsoft released Windows 8.1 with IE 11 and now Microsoft has begun pushing IE 11 to supported versions of Windows. Only problem is that IE 11 breaks the Service Manual software. Again (when you click on the engine selection you get an error message).

The good news is that the people working under the glass ceiling have a fix for this and It now works with all versions of IE (earlier versions may still need the SVG driver installed, 10 and 11 do not, SVGs are rendered naturally). However CJF will probably wind up issuing another set of CDs even though the fix is trivial since it cannot be made to a distributed CD.

So if you have the WK2 service manual CD then let customer service know and ask to be put on the list for the fix v2.
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