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Shorty Antenna (JG Discount!)

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Will it would with a 2004 WJ? And is there any in Black?
good find Chris
Nice deal - just ordered the 8" black.
Thank you for this, I will order an extra one now.
Not to be disrespectful, but one can make that antennae you know. I did that with a '97 Camaro antennae for a friend. Cost: Free. Just cut and reapply antennae ball (if you so desire).
it is powder coated black, sure you could paint it, but that will never hold up like powdercoat.

so while I agree you COULD cut your stock one and reuse the ball, you cant duplicate the PC.
totally....and for $16? Cant beat that
I just ordered the 8" Stainless Steel one!
Not saying that the price is too much; just offering up an idea is all :) And I have a friend who powdercoated mine for free as well.
Free powdercoating. where do we send our stuff.

wait a sec, your in Hawaii just kidding.
He does small items like that for me for free (he did my rims and my buddy's Camaro billet grill).
thats sweet.

I had my Harley frame powder coated in 1989. No one even knew what that crap was. I had to ship it upstate NY to even find a place.
No disrespect taken. ;) But you know I took some disrespect from you know what.
I have the 8inch black one looks real good love it
Will it would with a 2004 WJ? And is there any in Black?
Why do you need one your jeep doesn't have an intena sticking out of the fender.
hmmm, tempting.. id like to get a glass mount antenna or move the stock one somewhere else, like on the roof, with the stub cover like on the bwms and such..
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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