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Sorry, but I've searched dozens of threads and can't find a straight answer to a very simple question:

Will the Corsa 14457 cat-back fit on a 2014 Limited w/Hemi? If not, which Corsa should I look at?

I know a few of you are running '14s with this brand of exhaust, and I'd love a straight answer (Corsa hasn't responded to my emails). Thanks.

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And yes 14457 fits the 2011-2013 specifically, but others have bolted on the magnaflow that is for 2011-2013 on a 2014. Which, if we follow that logic, means all the cat-backs for 2011-2013 should bolt on without issue because the undercarriage has continued on unchanged.

I think there was a thread for the 2011-2013 Corsa system bolting on to a 2014 also.
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