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sloshing sound from D-side dash and door - 2014

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I know the WK2s had issues with ac drains and sunroofs in past causing water to build up underneath the vehicle and creating sloshing...
(see for more)

But I'm hearing sloshing on my '14. At times I hear it in the dash (near brake fluid reservoir, if i took a guess) and at times it almost sounds like its in the door or just below the drivers seat.

I'm going to have dealer look at it in the next two weeks, but just curious if others are having issues too.

Potentially related, and I see that someone else posted their Summit had window seal issues, i did notice that the seals on the rear D-side door were not installed properly. I fixed above the door body but have not removed the door body to get to the remainder of the seal. Looks like it was poorly installed all the way down.
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I had the same problem with the seal on the rear passenger side window, had to force it back in .. still doesn't look right and will have the dealer replace. Around the bend area of the glass, looks like it was fabricated with a blow dryer. Also getting a new drivers side tail light assembly due to water leaking inside. Just curious, what was your build date? mine was March 13th.
2/14 build on mine...
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