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So this is how the story goes....

Been searching for a new cool hood for my new Diesel WK2 for my build. I really liked the SRT hood, but found the black ops auto one unique so I was the first to order one on the early AM the morning of release when "Chad" uploaded the order information. Seemed like a decent guy, passionate about the quality of his products.

A month or two later in January the hood arrived as indicated in the purchase agreement. First things I noticed upon unpacking was the manufacture marks/scratches/resin left on the edges of the hood. I thought no big deal, I can buff that stuff out "maybe". Also on closer inspection I noticed a few "raised/bumpy" areas on the carbon fiber surface. You could only really see them in a reflection, so I continued to fit the hood.

Everything seemed to be going decent, it took a bit of time loosing and tightening individual bolts to get the hood to line up laterally and longitudinally. I fully expected this, as I have decades of experience building and working on vehicles. I know carbon hoods aren't stamped aluminum like stock hoods and won't fit perfect every time. No big deal.

Then the interesting part was when I closed the hood to find it quite uneven and didn't sit well (even with the hood stops already lowered to their bottom positions). I checked with a flashlight, I could see even with the hood only "resting" on the 1st catch, nothing was even coming close to contacting. I thought that most odd, so I deduced that possible the way the hood was bolted to the hinges may be twisting the hood.

I also thought that odd as the WK2 has more of a "floating" type hood hinge system that can move and isn't very rigid. So I removed pressure from all four bolts so that the hood could easily move in all directions. Carefully closed the hood, and it had the exact twist to it and the right fender area was still raised.

So then I took the stock hood that was on the ground and I put it in the center of my garage to check how level the garage floor was (they are generally pretty flat when the floor is poured and leveled out). All four corners of the stock hood touched the ground and didn't "teeter". Then I put the Black Ops hood on the ground in the exact spot, and it teetered because of the warp/twist.

Then I definitely knew there was something wrong with this hood. I put the Black Ops hood back on without the air strut support, held it by one finger in the exact center and eyed-it as I lowered it all the way down. The warp was quite apparent. This whole time I had lowered the hood latch to is lowest position, that helped "pull down" the hood with a lot of pressure and alleviate a bit of the twist, but it is still quite apparent. If I remove the hood latch to drill some new holes to lower it even more, I fear that amount of pressure would weaken the mounting area of the latch. Going that drastic should NOT be needed for a hood. I even removed all of the hood weather-stripping seal, and that did zero to help with the hood warp.

So then I email/call up "Chad", send him some pics to try and figure out what is wrong with this hood. He said if it’s that bad cut it up or run over it, send me the pics od the destroyed hood and I will refund you 100%. I was a bit taken-aback as that seemed quite dramatic at this stage. I told him I will try a few other things, like putting some protective cloth over the hood, some weights on that corner and I let it sit there for an hour or so with a heat gun at about a foot away to see if it helps with the twist. He seemed fine with that and wanted to let me know the progress of how it turned out. That really didn't do anything as I suspected, carbon fiber has a very low thermal conductivity. Literally a few inches from the "warm" area of the hood from the heat gun it was cold to the touch, carbon isn't affected by heat at these low of temperatures.

At this point in time he offered me half-price refund for the trouble of having to "work" with this hood. I had agreed, as I thought maybe I could get this thing looking a bit better with some elbow grease. At this point I didn't even mention the lamination, edge or vent problems with the hood, as they weren't an issue if the hood doesn't even fit/work. I also thought with the issues of the hood, $599 ($200 shipping) was a fairer price for the hood. This is definitely not a $1200 hood. He kind of spilled the beans as he said he gets this from China for less than what he refunded me for. So that mean the hoods cost him less than $599 shipped from China. If he denies he told me that, we will truly see who the dishonest one is here... So, after all the troubles I've been having with this hood and after the refund, he was *still* making a profit on this sale especially since I paid full shipping and he didn't include any of that in his half refund.

So, at this stage I have a $799 (shipped) hood on my truck before I head off for a business trip. About half way through my trip I check my email and I spot a few emails from Chad:

Chad: Hey is your truck a diesel
Me: Ya Chad, why what's up?
Chad: Because the SRT hoods don't fit until the washer fluid bottle is moved on the passenger side or the hood will sit up.
<I think to myself, where is this guy going with this? Then I check my next email>
Chad: I dint expect a response back I'm going to start a thread on jeep garage and have all 14 people with the hood comment in the thread about fitment.

I was being a good dude and gave you the benefit of the doubt and you took advantage of that. JEEP GARAGE does not want members their that rip people off and will also bann you if I am not paid in full. The owners also own two of my hoods what you did was dishonest in not only my opinion but theirs.

A few things can happen here.

Option1 Send the hood back if you do not want to pay period

Option 2 just pay what's owed

Option 3 I will charge your card before days end and then you will have to then prove you did not get a product from me and with with a signature for it I highly doubt you will win this case of dishonesty.

________END EMAIL_______

So I think to myself, did this guy send an email to the wrong person or something? So I call him up to see what he is going on about. Apparently (as Chad begins to explain to me with a large vein bulging out of his forehead), someone said I had "duped" him out of money as the SRT hood does not fit diesels. Then the obvious retort by me was that this is not a SRT hood. Apparently, the base hood used for the mold of this hood is the SRT.

In "Chad's" mind, this is a clear indication that I have no clue what I am doing, that this hood would never fit a diesel, which I have to take it to an "auto body shop" to get it to fit, and various other nonsense.

I gather that this information came from a thread on this forum in which some random person bought a SRT hood and it contacted the diesel coolant overflow tank. Weather that is true or not I do not know, nor do I know the skill level of the person installing that hood. Besides that information, the venting and under structure of the SRT hood is completely different than the black ops auto hood. If it wasn't it would look the same eh? The vents on the SRT hood dip down and are much more to the sides of the hood than the perpendicular center vent of the black ops hood.

So, after listening to this "Chad" guy go on, and on, and on yelling like a crazy person about my dishonesty, benefit of the doubt, his hoods don't fit diesels, how he has 14 hoods on other peoples cars that are perfect etc, how the only hood that doesn't fit is mine on a diesel, I told him I would take some pics when I got back from my trip and hung up. I needed to get off the phone before his head exploded, as I didn't want to be part of an investigation...

So let's see reality (you should be able to click on video to get it full screen 1080P):

Black Ops Carbon Hood "Quality" WK2 Grand Cherokee - YouTube

I obviously knew the foam was not going to contact the hood at all, just shining a flashlight up there between the gap I could clearly see that the coolant tank wasn't anywhere near contacting the hood. There is so much space, a good 1/4 inch to 3/8th inch layer of foam above the coolant tank still didn't touch with the hood latched at its lowest latch position, with the bump stops removed.

So, option 1 in his email was to send the hood back. Yet talking to him, he was adamant about me either sawing it in half or running it over with a truck and "then" he would refund me once the pictures were sent to him. He must think I am stupid, as he has a delivery signature, and if he doesn't refund me, sending my credit card company pictures of a run over hood won't exactly get my money back. Huge indicator of shady business practices.

If "Chad" was so proud of his high quality hood and there is nothing wrong with it, why wouldn't you want a hood back that you could re-sell for $1200? He was so concerned about return shipping costs he didn't want the hood back. Seems strange to not want to spend $200-$300 to get an item back that sells for $1200. I think in the back of his mind he knew it wouldn't be worth it as there was issues with the hood.

So that right there is "Black Ops Auto" great customer service. I'm ripping people off, will be banned for the forum and I am dishonest. Until reality and the truth is shown. Maybe "Chad" should spend more time doing quality control checks on his hoods from China instead of just shipping them off and yelling at and calling his customers dishonest.
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