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2014 Jeep SRT
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I have seen the metal/plastic/rubber pedals in a few 2014 SRT photos. Mine did not have them.

I went out to check the rim type of the full size spare tire, sadly it's black painted steel instead of a 5th match. It is full size, I did not take it out to
see the make on the tire. Bet it don't match. Not likely I will use it anyway.

Beside the spare a small white Chrysler box. Inside the box the SRT Pedal Kit.

I installed them. Could have been better quality throttle, it's plastic.

They look good but.... plastic throttle seems slippery.

I may pull the throttle one back off later.

Anyone else using the oem set?

The 98 5.9 came with 5 matching rims.
The commander came with 5 matching upgraded premium rims.
Not like I didnt pay for it this time. Oops, am I complaining....

Not a big deal on either. I love this whole package.

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I'm using the stock rubber ones, but I have the kit. It was in the back with the spare tire in a box when I bought the car. Dealer offered to put them on, but I said not now.

I might put them on later, but for now I'll go with the 'normal' pedals.

If you got yours new, it should have come with the vehicle. Go get them from your dealer...they owe ya. You should also have received a front license plate mount.
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