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Timmy D although they are cool wheels and the look is great research your costs very clearly before you go down that route. Bear in mind the cost for the SRT set up over here in Aus will be significantly higher than what our stateside cousins enjoy. An 18" SRT rep if it existed would be a more practical solution.
Couple of things:
Check the SRT offsets especially with the 10's mihgt not be legal over here. Also I don't like the split sizes for an offroad vehicle. That's passenger car only in my book.
Smallest 20" tyre I have come across is a 32" and is also illegal in most states. Also tyre choices in relation to brand and tread design is limited. Even more so over here we do not have the range of brands they do over there.
Not sure you can even source SRT's over here so you would probably have to bring ghem in yourself. 20" tyres over here would be about $500 ea.
2" lift with 32's is just BARELY acceptable and you will have a lot of rubbing and trimming to do however if you have the 10's on the rear I'm not sure how it would affect your articulation, even the 9's on the front might limit you even more. 2 1/2 or 3" lift would be much better butthen you step into another world of hurt with the cost of doing a larger lift properly so the thing still drives properly. Over the 2" lift in most states triggers engineering approval to be legal as well. Not sure if WA has implemented the uniform code of practice (whatever it's legal name is) but most states are gradually doing it which has given us a larger tyre allowance but tightened up the suspension lift.
Stepping up to a 20" rim regardless of your tyre size is also illegal in most states.
You would need to also check if the 32" rim is a legal fitment on the 10" rim.
a 20" with 32" tyre would be OK on the sand but not great. You will have to work the car a lot harder because you have the wider rubber without the length of footprint when you air down compared to say a 32" on a 17". Width is not the solution for beach work it is the taller tyre when aired down lengthens it's footprint. The width of the footprint changes little and at any rate just increases the amount of sand in front of the tyre you have to push along.

And lastly your family are right 20" are just not ideal for offroad use, not totally useless but given the cost to set up over here bang for buck is way out of whack. Maybe you should jump on ausjeepoffroad over here and follow the lament of the WK2 owners struggling with good offroad rubber choices in both the 18" and 20" sizes.

For my value for money and practical option it would be a set of 17 x 8 or 8.5 reps if they existed and 265/70-17's with a 2.5" lift.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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