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Another question for those who have taken delivery already. I'm still waiting on my Overland to arrive.

Does the steering wheel lock?

I know on the newer Wranglers it does not, also the newer Liberty doesn't. I ask because I will be towing my Jeep behind a motorhome. To tow 4 wheels down the steering must be unlocked. This requires the key to remain in the ignition all of the time on my '01 Cherokee.

If the column on the new model doesn't lock I can tow with the doors locked and no key. If it does then I will have a dummy key made for it. I don't think the dummy will be feasible with the new plastic style key though. Also this would mean not using the push button start feature if I have to use the key for towing.

If one of you could let me know. Some of the newer models require the steering wheel to rotate 180 degrees before locking.

Thanks in advance,
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