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Ive been shopping 2013's for a few reasons. They will be the last year of the current run 11-13. Im not a big first year model guy. The new 8 speeds will be nice but the teething so far in the chargers ive read about is concerning.

I feel like I can get a good deal on a 13', considering the 14's are coming soon.

So My wife wants a white hemi crew with black leather. I want the hitch and the nav. Sunroof is a bonus.

I live 4 hours from any durangos that I actually want.

This is my #1 choice right now. Its a MGR demo with 1900 miles on it. Ive haggled them down to 35K over the phone so far.

2013 crew in Golden, CO

I would LOVE to get an R/T. The wife likes them but says that to HER some of them look too low and too much like minivans?!?!? She saw a Redline one the other day on the highway and mentioned that it looked good. She took a phone pic and told me it was a citadel. It was most definitely an R/T.

So at the same dealership is a "used" 13 redline R/T with the nappa upgrade, sunroof, DVD. ETC She says she likes it but wants to see it in person to judge, THE LOOK. It has EVERYTHING but the captains chairs that I dont want anyway.
Here it is.

Last resort, white 13' R/T

I would be happy with any of these. I think I can get a pretty great deal on the manager demo due to the miles but my plan is to shoot really low and make them sweat. I know the Demos have other incentives from dodge and other ways for them to make money on it.


1. I'm thinking of offering 33k for the white demo crew. Ive read alot about buying dealer demos. It seems like 8-9k off MSRP is reasonable.

2. If the wife decides she likes the red R/T then I'll try for 35K on that one.

3. The red R/T's carfax says it was a manufacturer vehicle auctioned in michigan. what does that mean? It only has 41 miles on it. Which seems wierd to me.
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