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hi all..

After I ran through my first tank of dealer provided gas - I filled up with regular. Immediately I noticed a performance issue - not only was the car a bit sluggish - the MPG average (after reset on fill up) was way lower -- and was lower while driving.

Like to get your opinion on fuel for the hemi based on your experience. What are you guys putting in and what is your experience...

Subsequently - I ran the tank to half and put in premium - effectively having a full take of a mid range octane... The car ran much better (still not as good as when I picked it up with dealer gas)... Maybe the gas I got at second fill up was sub parr - it was from Sams club - Ive never had problems there.

Thanks! Appreciate your advice. I know what the manual says - looking for your opinions and experience...
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1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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