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Hello All,

I have a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland that I am working on.
-Front end is completely sunken just about on the tires themselves.
-Back is raised high
-Car says unable to adjust height/Service Air Suspension
-Car also says Service Electronic Stability Control

No controls seem to work
- I have tried to reset the system by pressing both up and down
-I have tried to go into tow mode to raise it and wheel alignment mode to lower back down
Nothing happens to suspension

I tried to reset the suspension system by unhooking the battery, and pulling the fuses and then putting back in and hooking up the battery again- pump runs for a little bit, but nothing happens.

-If one front airbag is bad/leaking with both front legs go down?
-Could the ESC be part of the issue or cause the air suspension to stop working?
-Is there a way to test the pump/check for leaks/diagnose?

Any help is very much appreciated!!!

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