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So, about a year ago I purchased a Superchips vivid linq for my 05 Grand Cherokee 4.7L. I updated the tuner and plugged it into the jeep. I got an error code about having another products tune on the jeep which required the PCM to be flashed. Had my local dealer flash the PCM to stock and attempted to tune again. This time I got a vehicle not supported error. I contacted Superchips and after looking at me calibration, they told me I have a transmission file on my PCM that is not supported and will never be supported. I returned the tuner and purchased a Banks tuner hoping for better support. I call them before actually buying and explained what superchips told me. They said they have never heard of this before and said their tuner would work. Got it in and same problem. They were even less help. I then tried a Hypertech max energy, which did work; however they did not offer any transmission tuning for my vehicle.

Fast-forward a year. I was not happy with the limited tuning options of the Hypertech, so I decide to try installing a new PCM to get the Superchips to work. I order both the new Vivid Linq and a PCM. The Vivid shows up before the PCM, so I figure I'll give it a shot on the old PCM. It worked!!!! The only difference from last time was I did not update the tuner before attempting to tune. All options are working and I love the way the Jeep drives! I guess I will never be updating the tuner again!!

I know this issue is rare, but I thought maybe it would help someone else. The firmware version of the Vivid Linq is 3.15

I have to believe that Superchips would have been able to help me the first time, but maybe it would have taken more time and resources than it was worth to them. I love their products, but I think their support leaves something to be desired. Just my 2 cents.
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