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My Jeep & a Solara
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I'm having an issue that I need some help with. My Jeep has an intermittent problem with with engine heat. On hot days after it has reached normal operating temperature, if I stop and sit (engine running and in gear) or get stuck in traffic, the temperature gauge rises to the point it will max out and the dash light (Check Gauges) comes on. I have plugged my code reader in and monitored the temperature gauge to see what the actual engine temperature is. The temperature reading at this point actually reads 261 Degrees. If you resume driving, the temperature will fall back down to 220 -235 degrees. It has not (yet) boiled over. The following has been done in effort to resolve my problem:
-Radiator has been changed and circulates coolant just fine (or at least it appears so).
-Water pump has been replaced.
-Fan clutch has been replaced.
-Thermostat has been replaced.
-Temperature sensor has been replaced.
-Block and heater core have been flushed (after running a flushing solvent through the system).
-Coolant shows no sign of head gasket leakage.
-Electric fan and sensors have been replaced.
-Air flow seems fine through the radiator when the vehicle is not moving.
-Transmission and torque converter have also been replaced.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Welcome to JeepGarage!! You would be best to post this question in the model yr section of the forum, you will get a better response.
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