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Myself i would just replace the sensor with a cheap after market part to verify or eliminate it as the problem.
If it fixes the issue i'd highly recommend replacing it with a Mopar OEM part.

Don't know how difficult they are to replace on your engine but i changed the CPS on my old '94 4.0 XJ and never want to do it again.
When the CPS went out on my current 2K XJ i had it towed to a shop that has a nice, shiny lift.
Seem to remember the total cost was under $200 which including the Mopar OEM part....well worth the money.

Don't know about the 3.0 but with my 4.0's the '94 CPS failed intermittently only when parked hot with a crank no start.
Letting the engine cool down for 20 or so minutes and presto, crank AND start.
With my 2K XJ, the Jeep was dead in the water with a hopeless crank no start.
After checking the rail pressure and spark and knowing the failure rate of these sensors took a gamble on replacing the CPS which payed off.
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