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My car (soon to arrive) has the Luxury option (vented Nappa seats) which although may seem a extravagance at $1,500, was actually one of the reasons I bought a Cherokee as I previously had a Volvo for 4 years with them and I missed them in the car I had afterwards.

In the US, from MY15 you can order the Trailhawk with this option (I would have one like this if I could) but the selection is no longer available in Australia which seems strange as it is something I used far more than the heated seats in the Volvo !

It seems that although not noted in the specification, I may also get memory seats thrown in which will be a bonus (and appreciated).

All to do with minimising inventory I guess but I think they could do that by adding in the electronic convenience option (keyless start etc. which should be standard in the Limited given the level of other features included).
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