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To ORA or not to ORA. That is the question

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I just joined and it said i needed to post something. So here goes (sorry if long-winded. I'm new):

In the last 9 months, I've spent about 1/4 the price of a new Grand Cherokee fixing my '01 Limited. I've kept it in mint condition but had some fluke issues (cracked engine head, warped brake rotors, etc). But it's paid off and i just thought it made sense to keep fixing it.

Last Winter, we got caught in a blizzard that made a 3 hour drive into 7. SUVs were off the road everywhere, but my Jeep never wavered. So I drink the coolaid.

i'm planning to keep the '01 for my better half, ditch her Equinox (POS IMO), and get the new Overland. Seemed simple enough until the 4WD system came up.

As I'm clearly sold on my current QuadraDrive, I simply wanted the current equivalent. But the only V8 Overlands anyone has are QTII not QDII. Never thought I'd buy a brand new vehicle but the depreciation on '13s does not seem to be enough to offset some of the additional features in a '14.

In any case, it looks like I'm going to order one from the factory w/ QDII. Since I'm a designer for a living, looks matter. So I'm curious about the wheel size (18 vs 20) if I add the ORA pkg for the $200 more. Also, am I losing MPG or highway horsepower with this setup? My brother had an 07 Trail Rated GC Limited Hemi that he said he had to get rid of because his gas mileage was so bad with the added weight and drag of the skid plates. Etc.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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LMAO!!! I think it's hilarious that, of all the people who could possibly have replied to me, it was you. Thanks so much for the reply. I was literally JUST looking at your pictures as I'm ordering the same jeep and color you have. Have never done anything aftermarket and a little disappointed in the dealer and Mopar's offerings. But I'm dying to get this thing purchased and delivered. I'll have to admire your photography until I can shoot some of my own. :)

Incidentally, how much worse would the street performance be? I'm getting the Hemi because it makes my size 14 Lead Foot smile! So I drive fast and mostly on road. But in winter and camping I'm up in Northern Minnesota off the beaten path.
I've got a 2014 Overland with the Hemi, off road II, advanced tech group, etc.

I've actually been pleasantly surprised with the Hemi's mileage. I burn midgrade and sometimes sorta "pass in a hurry" but at about 3600 miles am running in the 17-18 range, where thats a lot of commute and a lot more mountain driving in sport mode.

Using the instant mpg display, once you are more or less level driving, I honestly don't see a difference in sport vs eco mode and the aero mode makes it drive almost like a sports sedan. The sport mode does suck more gas on uphills in particular, but for two lane mountain road passing, it does get rid of the "hold on bubba, I'm taking a break" syndrome of the eco mode when you stomp on it.

I don't think you can get the Hemi with anything but the top level 4wd and electronic LSD. I wouldn't recommend it if you plan to stomp on it on wet roads with those godawful Michelin Latitudes unless you like wheel spin.

The 8 speed may have a lot to do with the ability to squeal tires and yet not take out a loan for a tank of gas.
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