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Solo launched at the Intercoastal near Little River SC yesterday. Boat ramps are fairly steep at this part of the Intercoastal. Many leaves and a fine mist rain, low water. Ramp was long and very wet at the bottom.
All most excellent performance: launching, retrieving, on highway too. Good power, good visibility. Programmed auto parking brake. So, not only does my Cherokee go where it is told to go, it stays put when you tell it to stay.

Hill holder works great - transmission is an engineering work of art.

Can be a little strange to see something under 1400 RPM at times when highway towing a boat, but the transmission is doing its thing maybe up and down two or three gears but hard to tell without watching tach all the time.
The gas gauge did move down in a little over 40 miles but this vehicle is worth putting some gas into.
Also it is so much fun just to drive, new tires and brakes along with the gas is the price of admission. Sometimes you just have to pay for your fun.

(got to go - must tell everyone in the Trader Joe's parking lot of my off roading skills):sleepy:
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