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What is the preferred method of towing with the V6 and 8 speed as there is not a tow haul mode. Would selecting the sport mode be appropriate or would the suspension going into aero complicate things. Thanks for any input.

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I just take it out of eco mode if I think about it and go. Even in eco mode the trans catches on pretty quickly and makes the necessary adjustments.

Aero won't mess anything up really and the truck week still drop into it on the highway.

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From the manual:
"Towing Tips
Before setting out on a trip, practice turning, stopping
and backing the trailer up in an area away from heavy
Automatic Transmission
The DRIVE range can be selected when towing. The
transmission controls include a strategy to avoid frequent
shifting when towing. However, if frequent shifting does
occur while in DRIVE, you can use the Paddle Shift
switches to manually select a lower gear.
NOTE: Using a lower gear while operating the vehicle
under heavy loading conditions, will improve performance
and extend transmission life by reducing excessive
shifting and heat buildup. This action will also
provide better engine braking.
Paddle Shift Mode
• When using the Paddle Shift switches, select the
highest gear that allows for adequate performance and
avoids frequent downshifts. For example, choose “5” if
the desired speed can be maintained. Choose “4” or
“3” if needed to maintain the desired speed.
• To prevent excess heat generation, avoid continuous
driving at high RPM. Reduce vehicle speed as necessary
to avoid extended driving at high RPM. Return to
a higher gear or vehicle speed when grade and road
conditions allow."
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