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Track your newly ordered 2012-2018 Grand Cherokee SRT and Trackhawk only at JeepGarage.Org

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Track your newly ordered 2012-2018 Grand Cherokee SRT and Trackhawk only at JeepGarage.Org

:DAs with the 2011 Grand Cherokee...JeepGarage.Org and its partner Milous( will offer new 2012-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 order tracking for ALL level 3, 4 and lifetime contributing members! This tracking is EXCLUSIVE to JeepGarage.Org and its contributing members! Your Jeep SRT8 will be tracked from D1 status till delivery to the ordering dealer. Milous updates the order thread sometimes 2-3 times daily! The order can ONLY be tracked once a VIN# is supplied. Please dont mistake VIN# for von#. Only a VIN assigned Jeep SRT8 can be tracked! Also...level 4 and lifetome will receive CUSTOM build sheets for their Jeep SRT8 once it is delivered!!!!

If you are not already a contributing can do so by following this link

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or by clicking this banner

I dont think that I need to remind you that JeepGarage.Org is a not-for-profit website and all monies collected through donations and contributing members is used soley for the daily operations of JeepGarage.Org!

******EDIT****** You can also go to your user CP and change your jeep details to wk2 SRT8 and 6.4L if you wish!

Thank you for your support!
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BE is Big Erection

BC is Big Cynic

BX is Big Xasperation

Ahh, anticipation.
What he said......
seriously though.
BE - edit error
BG - passed edit n/a for schedule
BGL - edit ok parts unavailable
BX - passed edit available for schedule

Never seen BC before
BC may have come from my misquoted status from my Dealer. They meant BE but now I am BX:thumbsup:
Does your order have the code 5NC Distribution Tracking on the Price Order Confirmation printout?
Mine switched as well adding the 5NC distribution last week and then went back to BX, but adding the NAS 50 state emissions and the YG1 7.5 gallons of gas. Does yours show those yet?
Yep, both of those are on my order
Milous has some(all?) in the tracking thread
Milous is tracking somewhere around 15 or so in the tracking thread that is available to level 3 contributors and above. Based on the various threads I have read there are probably 2x more people who have indicated that they already have orders in that are not being tracked by Milous.
I am also new and would like to join level three so i can track my 2012 srt8 order but the jeep order is in my wife's name. Should i open a membership in her name or can i keep it in my name and still track it? I ordered June 30Th and have been in BX but recently went to BG. I have a Von#, but am getting concerned that I am not going to see this until fall.
Did you order the tow package? mine was in BX for over a month but went to BG in the last week. Dealer assured me my order would be built and that his rep confirmed it.
Re: Track your newly ordered 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8-only at JeepGarage.Org


I called the dealer today on my SRT8 to see if he had any additional information.. He told me I was at D1 for the last 2 weeks. Is he just blowing smoke since I keep checking on here, and it does not even show
my SRT8 at D1 yet.. Any thoughts?? They are a huge dealership and do have 2 of these jeeps with VINS already and since the begining of june.
Not sure if I read this correctly, did the dealer say they have had two SRT-8's that had VINs assigned in the beginning of June? If that is what they told you then you might want to ask them to fax you the most recent printout of your order. I had not heard of any vehicles being assigned VINs in the beginning of June, order banks didn't open for the US until sometime around the 8th (I might be off by a day or two but I think you get the point).
appreciate it. been trying to keep an eye on the 2 threads I have seen regarding orders and tracking. Did not see that link you posted yet thanks
Hey blkprl12 send me a pm if you are interested in some info on a SRT that just arrived in middle illinois that shows it is for sale. The dealer selling it is good to work with.
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