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Warm and sunny.
by Washington standards, anyway

  • The track telemetry built into the dashboard is useless. Demands too much driver attention and prevents me from keeping the things I really need to see, like oil pressure, transmission temp, and tire pressure, where I need to see them. If you want real telemetry, buy a real data logger.
  • Don't park near the instruction tent if you're going to use the Race Cooldown (it's under Drive Modes), or you will get yelled at for your loud fan. (But it does work!)

Quote of the Day
Little old lady who only drives her Porsche GT4 on Sundays: I don't understand what I'm doing wrong today. I can't even keep up with that SUV!
Instructor: That's a Trackhawk.
Lady: A what?
(Instructor explains)
Lady: Oh!!!

Pictures or it didn't happen

Speedometer Trip computer Odometer Tachometer Motor vehicle

Speedometer Trip computer Odometer Vehicle Tachometer

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle
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