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I've done a few searches but didn't seem conclusive. My first concern is when in manual mode, gear one, I can be going down a fairly steep incline 20-30mph and there is little to no resistance (engine braking) the revs just keep climbing. Is this just a quirk of transmission? I understand the hill descent control is just for 4wd low at low speeds. Am I doing something wrong?

Then the other weirdness is when towing our travel trailer 5500# if I'm going up hill in manual mode it will downshift like its still in auto mode. Is manual mode just setting the max gear and not the exact gear?

Oddly enough if I'm towing our trailer down that same hill in my first scenario the first gear does seem to apply some engine brakes to a much more significant extent but only in 1st. Is tow/haul mode changing behavior or is it just the trailer adding some resistance. Anyone have any insight?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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