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the interesting thing with the 8 speed - is - its never really the exact same feeling for me. Ive been trying to predict what it will do based on prior events -- and it rarely reacts the same.. Additionally - I notice that the transmission is smoother when the engine is colder (at startup) for first mile or so. After driving it a while - it gets shifty and more unpredictable. When I bought the car - the dealer was telling me that the transmission learns driving style - and if more than one driver uses the car - the 'driving experience' will vary.. Well I've been driving the jeep exclusively for the past month since I purchased it -- so - I don't know what the deal is. Sport mode basically reacts randomly also for me. Still the Hemi combined with the 8 speed is no where near the shiftiness of the 6 and the 8 speed. When I test drove the 6 (4 times) - I couldn't believe how shifty (and hard) it was. This was one of the major reasons why I wanted the hemi - besides more power - and - of course paying more for gas ;)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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