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I have ordered a new J.C.G overland and getting a 4wd package installed, in that package I noticed that the wheels get changed to the Limited 18", which is better for tires. What I need to know, I have been told these are the sizes, as I want to swap these tires out from brand new to Cooper ATR3.

I am in Australia to :thumbsup:

Main Tires:
Michelin latitude tour tires P265/60R18

Spare Tire:
Michelin latitude tour tires P246/65R18 109T

1.will a 265/60R18 tire fit on the spare?
2. What is the spare rim size, same as on car?
3.Does anybody actually have a MY14 Overland to supply me the tire plaque details, as my dealer cant get me one?

Any detailed photos of tires / wheels and spare would be great to as the dealer cant supply anything as they don't have a ooverland

Any further details in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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